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[ 3 ] November 16, 2011 |

Republican members of the Mississippi House of Representatives have selected one of our own, Rep. Philip Gunn, of Clinton, to stand for Speaker of the House when the Legislature convenes in January. Given the fact that Republicans will have a majority in the House as a result of the November elections, Philip no doubt will be elected to serve as the first GOP Speaker of the House since Reconstruction. It will be an exciting time to be a member of the House, and I am deeply grateful for the privilege to serve.

Although Philip Gunn is well-known and (obviously) greatly respected by his colleagues, he is a new face to many people around the state. Who is Philip Gunn? Columnist Sid Salter tells you a lot here about the quality of the man who will be our next Speaker. I hope you enjoy the read.

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  1. Jimmy Slay says:

    Sid’s article is very well written and gives us a lot of why Phillip was chosen. He is a man of Faith, Integrity, and Vision. A man that our state needs to lead us through some tough times. He comes from good stock. Tony and Linda were wonderful people. My congratulations to him, and my prayers for him, as well.

  2. John D. McEachin, M.D., F.A.A.P. says:

    It is encouraging to know that Philip Gunn will be serving as Speaker of the House. Sid’s article
    should give us insight into the potential this young man seems to possess. Hopefully his leadership skills will translate into a co-operatve atmosphere for all these elected officials.

  3. Bobby L. Adams,D.P.M. says:

    Great article about Phillip Gunn by Sid Salter in
    Wednesdays Meridian Star. I am glad to learn of
    what made the new speaker the man he is today.