Ending the Use of “One-Time” Monies to Fund Recurring Budget Expenses

A Mississippi Fiscal Success Story:
Ending the Use of “One-Time” Monies to Fund Recurring Budget Expenses

The Mississippi Legislature in Fiscal Year 2015 (2014 Legislative Session) successfully put the brakes to the irresponsible prior practice of spending non-recurring (“one-time”) revenues to fund recurring expenses in the annual state budget. The Joint Legislative Budget Committee has recommended that the 2015 Legislature continue this common-sense practice of living within our means when the FY 2016 Budget is crafted this Spring. Consider the significance of this fundamental fiscal commitment even as in the coming election year some unwisely will clamor to resume the discredited “spend now, worry tomorrow” attitude with regard to our state’s budgetary future.

Non-Recurring Funds Utilized In Prior Years

FY 2002 $240.0 Million
FY 2003 $431.8 Million
FY 2004 $564.7 Million
FY 2005 $641.9 Million
FY 2006 $314.1 Million
FY 2007 $301.8 Million
FY 2008 $312.6 Million
FY 2009 $383.0 Million
FY 2010 $560.8 Million
FY 2011 $637.4 Million
FY 2012 $617.8 Million
FY 2013 $518.8 Million
FY 2014 $245.1 Million
FY 2015 $ 0.0 Million
FY 2016 (est) $ 0.0 Million

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